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Your questions answered

What's the point?

If you use the Twitter website, you can only save 10 searches. There used to be a bug which means that you couldn't delete a search if there were no results for it. The only workaround was to tweet your search phrase, then delete it. Not ideal.

Screenshot showing a search with a 'Remove this saved search' link.
Here's what you see if there are some results for your search. Click the 'Remove this saved search' link and your search is deleted. Simple as that.

Screenshot showing a search with no results.
Here's what you see if there are no results for your search. Notice the lack of the 'Remove this saved search' link.

How does it work?

You log in via Twitter and connect to the application so that we can display your saved searches. Then you delete them. It's that easy.

Is it safe?

Yes, very. You log in via Twitter, and we don't store any of your data. You can remove this application any time (just go to Settings » Connections and revoke access for Delete saved searches).

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